Many know him not by name, but fear. Fear of being slain in battle by him. This man may have been mortal. Yet he was destined to be a God. No one could stop his relentless passion for battle. When the chips were down, you could call upon Achilles to come and save the day. […]

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A Star is born

June 13th… A sudden supernova occurs. Causing a burst of energy to be released. From the ashes and dust another star is procreated. How will it change the world as we know? Will dreams be created? Will goals be achieved? Should lives be changed because of it positively? This is no ordinary star. Dwarf to […]

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As I begin to dig the ground beneath, I stumble upon a casket. Build out of the most vivacious golds and riches. Shall I open this tomb? Prepare to indulge in forbidden riches. Tirelessly searching for another vindication. As my ancestors’ screams can be heard underneath the gravel. Pull me close to your wing. Show […]

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Trigger Me: Volume 1

Have you ever sat and wondered what your future would be like five years, ten years or even twenty years down the road? I have many times and always dreamed that I would become successful and rich. Yet my background doesn’t tell the same story. My name is Adam and I’m just a normal guy […]

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Demonic Calendar

Tell me you love me… Hidden between this factory is a story untold. The smell of fish and shrimp is in the air. Yet a strong euphoric scent has masked the diabolical smell. This man… this scent, I refuse to let go. I shall conquer him until he’s mine to unfold. Our paths meet and […]

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75 North

Driving down the highway and it has been a long day of work. Tomas and I are headed home, we haven’t even had time to eat all day. As I put the peddle to the metal, I shift into the left lane (everyone knows that’s the fast lane) to scurry home to my wife and […]

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Purple Falcon and Dark Wing

Hello everyone, I want to first and foremost thank you all for the incredible support/positive feedback. If you’ve taken time to review my page, you’ll see it’s mostly about poetry. Since I was twelve years old I’ve had a passion for writing! I wanted to reach out to all of my followers and ask if […]

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