A Star is born

June 13th… A sudden supernova occurs. Causing a burst of energy to be released. From the ashes and dust another star is procreated. How will it change the world as we know? Will dreams be created? Will goals be achieved? Should lives be changed because of it positively? This is no ordinary star. Dwarf to […]

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Loss Loss, yet not forgotten Similar to our fallen Walking a path of uncertainty Truth be told I want to succeed Falling Falling deeply Deeply to my knees as my emotions cease to exist A world of perfection, I can only imagine They say hardwork and dedication Yet the world shows it’s the people you […]

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Revelation vol.2

Woke… Woke… Awaken, eyes closed to the noise. Tunnel vision as the world continues to move. No longer a tool used to hurt or play with. Tomorrow is the final day here. Doomsday hidden in my mind. As my soul explodes out of the back of my skull. Trapped, trying to escape the suffocation of […]

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King of the Jungle

Lion in the grass. The smell of fear as he is on the prow… I must confess that it’s time to face my inner demons. Free them as my art comes to existence. Past visions tangled up within a bed of roses. A confession that it’s time to face inner demons. Relinquish this relentless force […]

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Who is this man that stares behind the mirror? Smiling from the outside, yet covered with terror. With one glance, my mind begins to express furor thoughts. Hoping the glass will shatter into a million pieces. As I visualize my next move, mountains begin to shake. Chess pieces have been in motion. A stalemate has […]

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Mouth closed shut

You spoke I heard, yet proceeded to make bad decisions. Constantly reflecting off of past transgressions. You yelled I panicked and shut the door. Locking out a hellbent rage thirsting for more. You apologized I thought you were sincere. Wiping away many tears, enough to fill the Pacific Ocean. Plans are in motion to identify […]

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Learn Piano Today

Close your eyes…. Take a moment to listen to a couple of seconds of your favorite movie scene or opera playing in your head. Right when the piano player has their solo. How sophisticated each melody is from the very beginning, all the way to the last beat. Have you ever imagined what it would […]

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