Don’t touch me I am dirty although my skin is flawless. My heart and mind are filled with grudgulent dirty deeds. I told them to stop but they kept pushing for more. Now I am torn by the fact if I am dirty or clean. They made me feel like a toy and certainly not […]

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Loss Loss, yet not forgotten Similar to our fallen Walking a path of uncertainty Truth be told I want to succeed Falling Falling deeply Deeply to my knees as my emotions cease to exist A world of perfection, I can only imagine They say hardwork and dedication Yet the world shows it’s the people you […]

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This is a testament, about a young man that was restless sitting on an air bed mattress without no room to make it. One room filled with tons of responsibilities, bigger than an elephant trapped in a room with a mouse. Chaotic… yet blissful because the two share a room of solitude without any food. […]

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