Loss Loss, yet not forgotten Similar to our fallen Walking a path of uncertainty Truth be told I want to succeed Falling Falling deeply Deeply to my knees as my emotions cease to exist A world of perfection, I can only imagine They say hardwork and dedication Yet the world shows it’s the people you […]

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Bags of Glory

Testify Testify, these riches are yours to hold. These diamonds are yours to mold. Behold, a lost kingdom as if you’ve discovered atlantis. Testify Testify that these riches are yours and not a myth. They seek old relics like big foot’s print. Soaking in water, my body becomes frizzled like little foot in an Trex’s […]

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Demonic Calendar

Tell me you love me… Hidden between this factory is a story untold. The smell of fish and shrimp is in the air. Yet a strong euphoric scent has masked the diabolical smell. This man… this scent, I refuse to let go. I shall conquer him until he’s mine to unfold. Our paths meet and […]

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75 North

Driving down the highway and it has been a long day of work. Tomas and I are headed home, we haven’t even had time to eat all day. As I put the peddle to the metal, I shift into the left lane (everyone knows that’s the fast lane) to scurry home to my wife and […]

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How to steal a Soul

Angry… Angry because this world was made for me. A product of a universe that has stolen things. Stolen… Stolen property or goods. Deep rooted evil does no good. Angry… Angry as I lace my boots, just for them to become undone. Two steps forward, three steps undone. We get back up; fight the good […]

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Purple Falcon and Dark Wing

Hello everyone, I want to first and foremost thank you all for the incredible support/positive feedback. If you’ve taken time to review my page, you’ll see it’s mostly about poetry. Since I was twelve years old I’ve had a passion for writing! I wanted to reach out to all of my followers and ask if […]

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Tell me… is it true, do we really have this euphoric connection? We started off as friends but with each day that passes our chemistry begins to blend like a tea on a breezy summer day. Could we really mix together and coexist in a world that wasn’t made for you and I? You seek […]

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