Revelation vol.2

Woke… Woke… Awaken, eyes closed to the noise. Tunnel vision as the world continues to move. No longer a tool used to hurt or play with. Tomorrow is the final day here. Doomsday hidden in my mind. As my soul explodes out of the back of my skull. Trapped, trying to escape the suffocation of […]

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King of the Jungle

Lion in the grass. The smell of fear as he is on the prow… I must confess that it’s time to face my inner demons. Free them as my art comes to existence. Past visions tangled up within a bed of roses. A confession that it’s time to face inner demons. Relinquish this relentless force […]

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Tell me child, what do you see? Open your eyes and let this fear subside. The tides of darkness can only turn for so long. It’s time you face your fears and stop breathing underneath those sheets. I’ve mastered the art of provoking my subjects to lay still in bed like a mannequin. The time […]

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Faceless Ballad

Their looking for a moment of inspiration. Should I shed a tear, or tear down this wall I’ve built? Burning….burning for the opportunity. To spread my wings and buzz like a bee. Want to make my ancestors proud. A positive impact shining down. Paving a way for young people to see. A dream to explode […]

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Bleed deep… bleed deep… knee deep in these exquisite intricate vindictive tendencies. There’s you and me as we meet in a divine unity. A covet of sorts, sorted are these emotions wrapped in silk cloth. There I stood as I suddenly watched. My fate… a fate that has drawn near and deep to my heart. […]

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Mouth closed shut

You spoke I heard, yet proceeded to make bad decisions. Constantly reflecting off of past transgressions. You yelled I panicked and shut the door. Locking out a hellbent rage thirsting for more. You apologized I thought you were sincere. Wiping away many tears, enough to fill the Pacific Ocean. Plans are in motion to identify […]

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Building an Empire

What is your deepest desire? To create an empire, built on a divine plan to transpire an ire multitude of worshiping idols? Things that might seem mogul became a infatuation from multitudes. Every nest wants to produce a King of Kings. Yet do you possess what it takes to be seen as royalty? As I […]

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