Trigger Me: Volume 5

“What do you mean to late Niya”, says Unice? Niya

begins telling Unice that Adam refused to let go of his

love for her and that he began having a power struggle

with Drex and now he has taken over Adam’s

subconscious and Adam may be trapped inside the

game forever. “Who is Drex”, says Unice? Drex is my

late husband, about a Century ago he and I were just

high school lovers with a passion filled with gaming.

We were obsessed with mostly card games and started

getting deeper and deeper into dark magic and sorcery.

One day I picked up a book and found lots of forbidden

things inside of it. Drex refused to get involved but i

wanted our love to last forever. I craved power and the

ability to live forever. This is how I got my tattoo you

see on my stomach. It’s more of a curse now to me

more than anything. Drex has become apart of my

obsession for power, money and immortality. He

became one of the most successful men in our nation

with his political powers and charismatic nature. He

has allies in our system that helped him along the way.

Yet someone has betrayed us, every since this new

gaming system has came out everyone wants their

hands on it. This isn’t any ordinary game, my husband

got trapped inside of it one day years ago and hasn’t

been able to get out until now. I’m afraid he will seek

revenge and with his new body he will crave more

power and may destroy our world as we know it. I

wanted you and Adam to destroy him while he was

inside of Nectar but unfortunately I underestimated

my husband. “Actually you played us both Niya, you

manipulated Adam into thinking his parents were still

alive and that he could get them back just to help us

kill your sadistic husband; there has to be more to this

story than you’re leading on”, says Unice. Niya looks

towards Unice and tells her that she may be right… her

husband betrayed her long ago with his infidelity and

she found a ritual to entrap him inside of nectar. “One

thing my husband always enjoyed more than power

were video games”, says Niya. “What’s stopping me

from going inside of that bathroom right now and

telling him who betrayed him and he kills you right

where you stand, says Unice? Niya agrees but tells

Unice that she may be able to save Adam. They need to

trick Drex into getting back into the game and having

Adam destroy him after all. Niya exclaims that her life

is over now and all she wants is to die with her

husband to see what’s next after life( in her eyes

immortality isn’t what she thought it was cracked out

to be) and is willing to sacrifice both her life and her

husbands to help Unice get Adam back. Unice is

confused about everything that has transpired in the

last few minutes and begins to cry. She rushes into the

bathroom from the urge to see Adams face once more,

knowing he may not be there physically and mentally

yet the vanity will be enough to get her back grounded.

As she walks inside, Drex stands looking in the mirror

at his new host. He tells Unice to come by his side as he

stares at both of them in the mirror. “Look at you my

child, beautiful in every essence of life itself. Adam is

still with me and you shouldn’t believe everything an

evil witch says anyways. Tell me… what is your biggest

desire”, says Drex. Unice looks in disbelief,

appreciating every word that is told about her and

simply says, “power”. Drex embraces Unice and tells

her his only desire is to help her gain power and

fortune and the only thing she has to do is kill Niya

because he can’t do it. He will give her time to do so

but the expectation is that it will be done. Unice

ponders the thought of power and fortune and has

flashbacks of her past, times where her mother put her

down, her father abandoning her and life in general.

Gritting her teeth and holding back tears she says, “I

want it all”. They both walk out of the bathroom while

Niya stands waiting for her next command. “I need to

get in touch with my allies, this world needs new order

and I’ve been away too long”, says Drex. He looks over

at Niya and asks what has she been doing since he has

been gone. Niya tells him that the world is new right

now and isn’t ruled by one person. Democracy is in

place and Drex says that things need to be changed.

Drex wants to continue where he left off and demands

Niya sets up a meeting with his old allies who are still

alive. Niya accepts and a meeting will be scheduled

later that week downtown. “For now, I want you to

show me this new world my young queen”, says Drex.

Niya smiles walking over to embrace him, yet Drex

maneuvers his way passed her and grabs Unice by the

hands. Unice smiles with excitement as if she’s in some

state of hypnosis. They both grab a few things and

leave Niya behind in disbelief and sorrow.

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