Code Gemini: Part 4

“I’m not okay with all these codegenesis bodies Benjamin, says Oscar”. Benjamin agrees with Oscar but tells him it’s for the mission and we want to succeed. He tells me it’s to save the human race and hopefully the reward will be worth the sacrifice. As I look into the room filled with Codegenesis’ I can’t help but feel sick to my stomach. Eve tells Benjamin and I that we need a weeks worth of rest for our memory chips. Things are a bit complicated but I will explain the best way that I can. The memory chips are stored inside the vessel we live within, with our past memories but also new data we gain on a daily basis. Yet the memory chip does need a break to upload everything without getting stalled and or jammed and causing a seizure like phenomena to occur. Eve escorts us to our rooms and they’re new devices in them. They’re spherical balls filled with a blue liquid of sorts. Eve explains that we will be placed in them for a week to preserve the Codegenesis while Scientists work on our memory chips. “So we will be in a deep sleep of sorts, says Benjamin”? Eve nods her head and tells us to wish her luck; her opportunity finally has arose and she will be getting her first Codegenesis! We congratulate her as we head into our spheres. “See you guys in a week, says Benjamin”. I close my eyes as I watch Eve close the door behind her. “Oscar… Oscar please be strong son, the Earth will need you in many ways than you truly think”, says the mysterious voice. Is this a dream that I’m having? My eyes open and from afar I can see myself sitting in a meadow of grassland of sorts. People around me are celebrating with fireworks, hotdogs and beer. Suddenly a group of people dressed in old clothing like the mosaic stone age times appear out of nowhere, slaughtering innocent people with bow and arrows and killing them with hand to hand combat. The fight doesn’t seem fair because these stoneage type of people are super strong, as if they have superhuman strength. “Oscar, please help me and your father”, says the mysterious voice! I look over and see my family being held captive with their heads being cut off! Suddenly I awake from this terrible nightmare. “Oscar are you okay, I’ve never seen someones body move like that during the resting stage” says Eve. I explain to her how I had a terrible nightmare and she tells me it was just a dream. It seems like every since I’ve been in this new body; all I ever have are nightmares! It’s been a week and Eve grabs Benjamin and I as we head over to the training room. Commander Bravo let’s us all know that our strenuous training will now commence. “Scientist have said that this new world we seek will have gravity ten times the amount on Earth, you all will be training in thirty times the Earth’s gravity”, says Commander Bravo. We all look in confusion but accept the task at hand. Lieutenant Charles tells us we will all be fightning in a battle royals of sorts against one another at the end of the week. He says we first must get used to this type of gravity. We all gather our thoughts and begin running through a maze of sorts. We must do ten miles each day of running to acclimate ourselves. “This is insane”, says Oscar. All of us begin to run the maze together. It feels like my knees are being crushed with every step. The two Lieutenants yell at Eve, Benjamin and myself to pick up the pace! We nod our heads and increase our running speed. I suddenly fall over from the overexertion! Eve runs up to me and tells them that my leg is broken In half! Benjamin is also on the ground with broken bones. “Send these punks to retrieve another Codegenesis”, says Lieutenant Alpha. Someone would think that this technique is irrelevant and that the body will keep failing. Well you see it’s mind over matter. Our new vessel may be the same as before, yet our minds will be stronger and will cause us to endure less. The Scientists have also discovered a way to transfuse this form of metal (stronger than steel) into our bone marrow. This should help us become even more durable. The next day we’re prepared for the training once more. “I’m tired of failing and I want to be the best”, says Oscar. Benjamin tells me to calm down and that we will be ready. Benjamin, Eve and myself head back over to the training room for another day! We all are exhausted at the end of the day from training. Our new Codegenesis bodies withheld the training. Everyone leaves the training room, except me. I stay there frustrated with the results and continue to train. When no one is looking, I increase the gravity to one hundred times of Earths. As I run through the maze, my vessel seems to withstand the increased pressure. Over the next couple of months, I secretly do my night sessions with the 100 times gravity. The results are impressive, the battle royal went well and I’m ahead of everyone else. Suddenly an alarm blares over the intercom! Commander Bravo alerts us all to head over to the main cockpit. We all look mortified and defeated. “Prepare yourselves everyone, we have detected this blackhole and won’t be able to escape it’s gravitational pull, the mission has failed”, says Commander Bravo.

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