Code Gemini: Part 3

It’s been five days since I’ve taken over my new body. Benjamin explains to me how the procedure was a bit rocky and I may not remember parts of my past. I can’t exactly remember my parents, yet I know they died in a freak accident like I told you all before. Benjamin and his parents tell me that Gabriel and his followers’ attacks were successful. The Scientist and Doctors had to evacuate the medical building, but some of the new bodies were luckily harvested and retrieved. They plan on speeding up the process in training for the mission but only Benjamin and I will be going for the journey… His family will be staying back to continue work in creating a new secluded building to farm new bodies. Benjamin says we will be going with a group which includes him, myself, two Scientist and two other Doctors. Also a team of military experts are joining to help train us in space. Remember how I told you guys we found a new galaxy that may have planets inhabitable? Well the trip will take us five years if we succeed to reach the new galaxy and that should be more than enough time to train us. Our plan is simple… find a planet and come back as soon as possible to eventually bring the entire human race. “Are you wimps ready to head out, says Commander Bravo”? Commander Bravo is an elderly man who fought in many wars over the years. He has learned multiple fightning styles along the way. People wouldn’t believe he was old because he has transferred his memory chip into his new clone self as well. We will call these new bodies CodeGenisis from now on so you don’t get confused. Anyways Benjamin and I nod our heads as we both hug and kiss his family as we bid farewell to them. We get into the spaceship that will be our home for the next five years. “Listen up wimps, this is my team and you will be following direction from them… Lieutenant Charles and Alpha, who have been with me for over twenty years and Private Eve who has just joined us. Eve is special you see, she has been given the opportunity to earn herself a CodeGenesis, says Commander Bravo”. I can’t believe what I’m hearing, you mean to tell me she is going on a mission to outer space and she’s practically mortal? That’s insane but I guess it’s worth the risk. Eve looks as if she’s the same age as Benjamin and myself, tall and skinny in stature with an intelligent nature. Eve walks over and shakes our hands, while the two Lieutenants walk away with Commander Bravo. She begins to tell us how she came from poverty and wants the opportunity to earn a CodeGenesis herself one day. They picked her because she was valedictorian of her class and attended every sport imaginable in High School. This girl is truly elegant but tough at the same time. Eve begins to tell us it’s her job to show us the basics in hand to hand combat. After we’ve learned the basics, the Lieutenants will show us all more advanced technique’s. Benjamin and I both accept as she moves forward swiftly in attack mode! “Sweet jeebus, you hit me bitch says Benjamin”. “Never let your guard down, it’ll get you killed says Eve”. Eve begins knocking us both down to the ground, even when we both attack her together. She tells us we need to focus our attacks, look at our opponents hands and counter any moves. Benjamin and I both don’t understand what she means but she’s patient with us both. “Hand to hand combat is just like a game of chess, you need to be three steps ahead and you also need to be able to read your opponents next move says Eve… For weeks we practice hand to hand combat until we’ve mastered it. One day I wake up from a nightmare and Benjamin explains to me how I need to get used to my new body and it will take time. The next morning we both wake up and meet Eve for another training session after breakfast. Benjamin is getting the hang of things and his body is starting to show the benefits of his new training. He’s ripped physique wise and has decided to grow out his wavy blonde hair. Myself… I’m still tall and super skinny; I’m also struggling with the training. Eve tells me I need to pick up the pace because it’s our last week of training hand to hand combat and the Lieutenants will be grading us to take on the next level. Eve begins to move forward on me like a lion on its prey, she throws a couple of jabs my way as I try to dodge them and counter. *Wham*…*thud*, I go falling to the ground. Eve looks disappointed and tells me to take a break and practice looking at film of boxing greats Mike Tyson and tactical movements of Bruce Lee. Eve and Benjamin continue to train while I watch film. The session is over and Eve tells me to bring my “A game” tomorrow because it’ll be our last day for the final week. That night I can’t help but think about how below average my skills are. It’s as if my mind is there, but my body won’t follow. I close my eyes as I try to sleep… I wake up with another nightmare, Benjamin calms me down and tells me everything will be okay. I nod my head in acceptance and finally I’m out like a light. The next day we head back over to the training area, except something is different! The Lieutenants are there with Eve. Eve explains to me that grading day has come a week early and we will be sparring with each Lieutenant. Benjamin decides to go first as he impresses Lieutenant Charles. Benjamin has passed and I’m up next. Before I prepare to spar, Eve explains to me that Lieutenant Alpha is relentless. He will be out to kill and prove a point. As I prepare for our match, my body begins to fill with fear. Lieutenant Alpha charges at me with both fist ready to attack, I duck from his overhand right but his left jab lands clean to my nose. “Holy shit you broke his fucking nose says Benjamin”. Eve runs toward me as she tries to step in as we hear a loud shout! Commander Bravo enters the training room and says “Let them finish, if he dies… he dies”! Suddenly the fear in my body sets still as if it’s the final moments before a volcano is about to erupt. I stand up and break my nose back into place with blood gushing everywhere. “This is my fight and I will finish it says Oscar”! Lieutenant Alpha grins as he charges back at me, another overhand right and I duck! Here comes the left jab… I close my eyes for a split second and everything clicks! “This is my new vessel; CodeGenesis says Oscar”. Oscar swiftly moves his head back, slightly dodging the straight left and that’s when something new emerges! Oscar presses forward with two hard right jabs, a left overhand, massive right uppercut and then finishes with a strong left kick to the head. As Lieutenant Alpha begins to fall Oscar advances and grabs him by the head via muy thai clinch and knees him to the face. Before Oscar can do any more damage Lieutenant Charles pulls him off! “Holy shit, we haven’t even learned muy thai yet says Eve”. Commander Bravo tells us all to follow him to the next room. He begins telling us all that we were chosen for a reason, Commander Charles and Alpha: For their seasoned experience, Eve: For her intelligence and grit, Benjamin: For his excelled growth from repetition and myself: For my ability to mimick others’ movements. Commander Bravo tells us we all succeeded to the next phase of training as he begins to open these automatic blinds for a window in front of us. The sight is a bit horrific that we see… there’s multiple CodeGenesis bodies for us all in the next room. Commander Bravo explains to us that we all will struggle through the next stages of training and we will need these bodies because our current one won’t survive the hard training regimen going forward. “Lieutenant Alpha, Oscar seems to have fractured your skull, I can see the swelling starting to form; we need another CodeGenesis immediately for you says Commander Bravo”. They both leave the room for operation as I fall to my knees in disbelief. What have I gotten myself into?

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