Code Gemini: Part 2

Benjamin has been my friend since kindergarten. His family brought me in when my parents died and I’m very thankful for that. I know things seem strange but we have tons of time to go over that. Well you see, remember the part about me dying today. It’s true… well kinda. Benjamin and his family are extremely wealthy. His mother and father are both Doctors and we all live on the wealthy side of town. Things have changed over the years, where the world has drawn a line in the sand. The Earth is overpopulated and the wealthy refuse to live anywhere close to the poor. The government has allowed massive walls to seperate the two parties. There’s a civil war going on right now as we speak. Scientist have found a way to keep the human race alive forever and some people don’t agree with the proccess… okay millions don’t agree. The wealthy have invested in a massive clinic where they pay for their bodies to be cloned and then placed in a deep sleep via cryofreeze (placing a human body in a frozen state to help preserve it for decades) and then they transfer their minds to said body via memory chip. It’s like a huge video game if you ask me! Everyone thinks its inhumane to clone bodies because they’re considered people. The crazy part about it, is that the body doesn’t get cloned with a brain specifically. So others believe there’s no soul in existence. There’s two factions battling right now over the whole matter. The “wealthy” and another group called “THE CROSS”. The wealthy is very self explanatory but “THE CROSS” gets a bit crazy, who would’ve thought multiple religions would band together to stop cloning? Their leader is a madman named Gabriel. He has been on local television shows and also riots, helping to try and destroy the clones and the building they’re being held in. Imagine your town decided to build a super Costco of sorts but this place is like 10 costco’s put together. I’m sure you can imagine it’s heavily guarded and secured. Anyways I’m not sure if I’m fully on board with the idea of transferring my mind to another body. Like I’m happy it can happen, yet I’m also aware that it’s like playing God and I don’t want to do that because I believe in a higher power and want to reach heaven. On the other hand, I’d be a fool not to take this opportunity and run with it. The sweetest part about this whole experience is the opportunity to go into space. Benjamin and his family have decided to bid on the opportunity to go into space to find another galaxy and hopefully planet to live on. After I transfer my mind into my new vessel, I will be going to a training of sorts with Benjamin to help us prepare for the journey. The military will provide the training for us and 10 other people, a total of 12. After our training is over, the twelve of us and a group of scientist and doctors are supposed to head out in search of this new home. That is the only reason I’m not accepting my fate and will follow Benjamin and his family to outer space!

As we head over to the heavily guarded building to prepare for my new life, we enter the front gates and an emergency broadcast is displayed on Benjamin and my phone. Heck everyone I see that has a phone gets it. We enter the building and finally get to my room. Benjamin’s parents are standing there beside my bed in fear. We both look in confusion as we ask what’s exactly going on. They both turn to the t.v. and press rewind. Gabriel is on the screen, beheading one of the scientists that was captured and calling on all people to fight with him in the war to destroy this hospital. He claims that God wouldn’t want us doing this and that he found out about our journey to outer space. “He can’t do anything about this, we’re already just about finished, says Benjamin”. Both parents turn the t.v. off and open the blinds. I look outside and see that a massive army of people are located at the back of the building and they’re preparing to attack. “We have to complete this operation now, says Benjamin’s parents”! We both nod our heads in agreement as I lay down and see other Doctors and Scientist wheeling in my new body. My mind becomes frozen and filled with regret and shame as I stare at the motionless vessel. “Wait!!!, says Oscar”. Everything goes black for a moment and when my eyes open I can hear chatter in the background. Alarms are blaring and Benjamin and his family are grabbing me out of the bed. I look over to my left and see that the surgery is complete and my old, lifeless body has a sheet over it’s head…. This is the new ME!