A battlefield has been made.

Blood, sweat and tears have been loss.

Over subtle moments of ecstasy.

Have I even mattered?

Were these moments true?

Or another game of capture the fool.

My flag has fallen.

Soldiers rummage through the village.

As my bags are packed.

My Kingdom has fallen.

For what?


Over a mere whim?

Were these moments false like a mannequin?

Mimic my emotions.

Fill your heart with disdain banter.

My platter has been served,

Guts are on the menu and it’s the chef’s special.

A choice that seems inevitable.

Everything has been taken

Was it worth it?

Was it worth it?

Worth the trouble?

Worth the pain?

Worth the countless times our bodies merged emphatically.

My body is bound.

Dismembered and maimed,

For a formidable opponent has taken my place.

As my heart begins to fill with sorrow,

A beat can be heard miles away.

Trapped inside a box of my enemies.

A trophy of sorts, the luxuries of war.

A prize that will be haunted forevermore.

Was it worth it?

Was it worth it?

Troy has fallen…

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