Pinpoint my every move.

Watch as our feelings intervene.

Awkward moments turned into incredible memories.



Constant affinity for our recollections.

Trapped in a world that wasn’t designed for you and me.

Coping with these feelings.

Trials and tribulations as we test the boundaries of tantalization.

A fire burns, too hot to touch.

Like a succulent breast to a newborn babies tounge.


Indulge in these somber cravings.

Waiting for the right moment…

Waiting for the right time…

Waiting for plans to formulate into actions…

A game of chess, being played with all pawns.

Your moves are subtle.

Like an object impelling through quicksand.

I want this moment to last.

I want this feeling forever.

If it shall past?

My soul will begin to ache.

My body will begin to crumble.

As my mind paces through a maze.

Retracing my steps

Trying to find that moment again

Just to realize that all the pieces are off the board.



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