Many know him not by name, but fear.

Fear of being slain in battle by him.

This man may have been mortal.

Yet he was destined to be a God.

No one could stop his relentless passion for battle.

When the chips were down, you could call upon Achilles to come and save the day.

Perfect Technique.

Passion and desire to win.

God-Like talent.

When I look at this era and day in age, I ponder the thought of any ordinary man who could resemble Achilles.

Then I turn to basketball and see the greats throughout history. Kobe, Jordan, Kareem, Shaq, Olajuwon, even LeBron.

Yet one man comes to mind when I think of someone who you can call upon to make any shot. Bring championships home from battle. Be put into any situation and flourish. Has a relentless passion to win.

Kevin Durant

Better known as KD!

Over the years this man has been called many names.

Snake, Traitor, Cupcake, weak…

Yet history shows another name.


Kevin Durant has changed the game of basketball. With his tall stature and unique abilities, he’s transcended basketball forever. Goliaths can never be called slow ever again.

Before his Achilles injury, Durant had the NBA in his hands. Hopefully this doesn’t change him and he comes back stronger than ever. This is a message for the great one. I wish you speedy recovery and the best of luck in the future. Never stop and never give up on the things you love!

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