Bags of Glory


Testify, these riches are yours to hold.

These diamonds are yours to mold.

Behold, a lost kingdom as if you’ve discovered atlantis.


Testify that these riches are yours and not a myth.

They seek old relics like big foot’s print.

Soaking in water, my body becomes frizzled like little foot in an Trex’s foot print.

Are these dinosaurs truly real?

Or another emphatic story to tell as a tale.


Testify, are these riches truly yours?

A pungent smell as it hits the air…

Out comes a leprechaun lusting for greed.

Testify Testify

Are these riches really yours?

Open the bag and tell me what you see…

A dream

A dream

These riches really aren’t yours.

Very great praise, honor, or distinction bestowed by common consent; renown:




Give me the bag or I’ll continue to chase it.

My motives as one close to a leprechauns.

“Give me what’s truly mine, because the heart wants what it wants”.



These riches are mine to keep. Whether kept in a bag physically; or drawn out mentally.

This Testimony is truly about a mentality.

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