How to steal a Soul


Angry because this world was made for me.

A product of a universe that has stolen things.


Stolen property or goods.

Deep rooted evil does no good.


Angry as I lace my boots, just for them to become undone.

Two steps forward, three steps undone.

We get back up; fight the good fight.

Yet what’s in store for the one’s who want to share the light?

The giving.

The loving.

The hardworking kind.

The one’s who seek help, yet have to keep trying.

As my feet wander, hands till the ground, sweat feed the ground; I can’t help to feel bound.

Bounded by the chains that have been shackled on me.

An evil host, abysmal entity.

Anger… anger turns to rage.

Yet I guage?

No wait… ponder on the time.

When the true pursuit of happiness becomes an abundance of blessings.

Counting the days as my time on Earth passes by.

Will I still be youthful to enjoy what’s mine?

Or shall I slowly fade away, with every wrinkle and forgetful thought.

Shall I resemble a beaten up grandfather clock?

Shall I slowly fade into a stagnant old relic?

Shall I continue to be satisfied with subpar?

Or shall I find a way to get what others call… More?

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