Faceless Ballad

Their looking for a moment of inspiration.

Should I shed a tear, or tear down this wall I’ve built?

Burning….burning for the opportunity.

To spread my wings and buzz like a bee.

Want to make my ancestors proud.

A positive impact shining down.

Paving a way for young people to see.

A dream to explode the scene like a supernova.

Dark entity… leaving your vessel with shakes-to-spear.

Thud!!.. Have I yet to scare the Dickens out of you?

Tasteful truths as if I’m possessed by Emily.

Clearly an epiphany has been created.

Meditate… feeling medicated.

Drugs… Cloud 9, feeling like a fallen angel as this feeling subsides.

Close your eyes and feel this warm tingling turn into lonliness…

Shots fired, resembling the Lone Wolf.

Being called to battle, “Gabriel may I borrow your wings?”

An arrow or two as I ride out with my dark horse.

Powered like a demigod, chains wrapped around my soul.

Scream… scream as no one hears.

Should I shed a tear, or tear down this wall I’ve built?

Sacrificing my sanity to save humanity.

Word play, where’s my symphony?

Euphoric, fantasies with a smell of sulphor.

Tell me am I this Heroic entity, or a dark soul trying to be freed from tyranny?

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