Bleed deep… bleed deep… knee deep in these exquisite intricate vindictive tendencies.

There’s you and me as we meet in a divine unity.

A covet of sorts, sorted are these emotions wrapped in silk cloth.

There I stood as I suddenly watched.

My fate… a fate that has drawn near and deep to my heart.

My golden dove, purified beauty from the lakes of Babylon.

Who is this woman? The woman that I love. As the heavens rain down a thunderous storm above.

My emotions run ramped, constantly thinking of you.

A unification of our love has been manifested.

Our destiny sealed with love.

Marked with a symbolic stamp.

Forever intertwined inside a vessel made of stones from marble.

Locked away from the naked eye and cast away in the garden of Eden.

I am truly glad that we have mended.

A body with no name, no sex or aspiration.

We shall age old together, like a bottle of merlot.

Dark red velvet, lay down our red carpet.

Watch as the fans gaze, paparazzi freeze frame.

Media embezzle and defame as you enter our tomb.

The Pharoah is sleep, as his heart continues to beat.

Bleed deep… bleed deep… awakening in a new seed.

From the loins of man and a vessel to plant this seed.

A legacy shall continue as a new age bleeds deep…


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