Quest for the right Formula

Lost in the world, with no one to see me. The days seem long without a shoulder to lean on. Reality sets in as I listen to songs of love. When will the Angel’s send me my counterpart?

Over the last couple of months, I rummage through books in the library, visit my favorite coffee shop and you are there. As if someone has paid you to spy on me.

Vast collections of fish In the sea, yet you’ve decided to pick me instead. What is this magical feeling which give me butterflies. Tingling in my belly like a child’s first time on a swing.

Empty because you’re no longer here to save me. Save me from a reality where no one seems to see me. Do I exist, or are the maggots indulging on my corpse as I lay in this coffee shop like an empty succubus.

Long ago I thought I was in Love.

Over time I realized you were a distant mirage.

Vanishing only in a matter of weeks.

Everything I thought I found is no longer present.

Livid, Outcast, Vengeful, End

1. Those are four words that describe the way you left me….

Who is LOVE?

What is LOVE?

When will I be LOVED?

Where is LOVE?

Why yearn for LOVE?

1.Love is strong.

2.Love has no conditions.

3.Love happens on a whim.

4.Love is hidden behind a wall of character.

5.Love can make you complete.

Why OBSESS over LOVE and just let it come to me.

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