Major Weight Loss

Before we move forward you must know a couple important things…

1. Every Body is Different

2. Patience is key

3. You have to work for it

I want to tell you a story about my journey. After graduating high school, I weighed in at 235 pounds. Upset about the major weight and determined to change I set out on the perfect plan!

Through trials and tribulations, I failed! Not every diet is the right diet and the biggest issue for me was being consistent. Starving yourself isn’t the answer and killing yourself in the gym isn’t as well.

So here’s my plan for the perfect execution on weight loss and how it got me from 235 pounds to 175 in a matter of weeks!


1. Mon-Friday- Walk at a fast pace each day for 2 to 4 miles nonstop. Listen to your favorite playlist and or audio book to distract your mind.

2. Cool down for a half a half hour and drink 2 glasses of water.

3. Do simple core workouts- A couple of core workouts that worked for me were (100 sit ups a day, bicycles for 30 seconds and 100 crunches) those exercises must be done in 3 repetitions.

4. Cool the body off and get some simple light weight dumbbells(15 to 20lbs). The objective is to tone your arms and abs.

5. Take a hot bath and cool down your body with a quick cold shower.

6. Rest, Rest, Rest!!!! People don’t believe it but you need to sleep. The body revives itself when you’re sleeping.


1. Mon-Fri- You will want to keep a tight diet. Here’s what I ate…

Morning- One egg, one piece of toast and a glass of water.

Lunch- Half a can of plain tuna(only lemon pepper), 4 saltine crackers and a shake (handful of blue berries, handful of spinach leaves and a banana with a cup of water).

Dinner- Other half can of plain tuna, 4 saltine crackers and believe it or not a burger king salad. ( The salad consisted of ice berg lettuce, raisins, apples, cheese and one chicken breast)

Cheat Days

Every one has a cheat meal or day(s), it’s almost impossible to stop the mind from cravings. My cheat days were Saturday and Sunday, I ate like a pig!

Make sure if you decide to have two cheat days to increase your work out Monday and Friday just by one to two reps more or an extra half mile.


There’s no need for supplements, yet if you decide you need that extra boost I highly recommend using a product called “Animal Flex”. Theres about three different versions (pak, flex, test) to my knowledge but for best results in cutting weight I used “flex”. Please make sure to follow the product instructions and drink LOTS of water. It will make you sweat even when you’re sitting down!

I hope that this works out for you all on your journey to lose weight. I’m not a fitness coach, neither do I get paid to advertise others products. Just trying to find my niche and help others any way I can.

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