Flowers blossom

Rose… Rose wake up. It’s time to tell the world your story. The limousine is here to pick you up and take you to the show…

My name is Rose and today is the worst day of my life. My father is no where to be found and my mother is addicted to drugs. My little sister depends on me for food and shelter. I’m 18 years old and my dream is to become a movie star. I can’t leave my baby sister with mom because she’s too irresponsible. My grades in school aren’t impacted by the full time job I’m working but the stress is intense. I gotta push forward, before my grandma passed she always said two things, “You sleep when you’re dead” and “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. It’s time I get ready for work!

Rose works at a beauty salon washing and cutting hair, her boss(owner) is strict but is always willing to give her extra work.

As Rose is closing up shop, a gentleman walks in requesting one last haircut. Rose agrees because she needs the extra money for rent. The man pulls a gun out and tells her to give him all the money in the register. Rose agrees as the man runs out of the shop free. Rose falls to her knees and weaps… Not knowing how rent will be paid and it’s over due. Rose decides to call up an old friend where he offers to pay her rent for a favor. Rose closes her eyes as her innocence is taken away.

Rose heads back home and arrives to her mother being placed into a police car and the CPS taking her sister. Rose stays with her aunt while she continues to work at the salon. She visits her sister from time to time in a halfway home, her aunt couldn’t take care of them both and expects Rose to be out in a couple of months.

It’s almost graduation time and Rose has a 4.0 GPA. Rose is offered a full ride to an academic acting school. The only thing she has to do is pay for a place to stay…. Rose cries silently in the school bathroom. She can’t afford to leave her city and may never see her sister again.

Rose graduated with all honors. Her boss has promoted her to manager which gives her an opportunity to have her own place and get her sister back. Rose hears a knock on the door and opens it… Rose is embraced by her mother and they both cry tears of joy. Rose goes to the doctor and finds out she’s due in 2 months… Rose is going to be a mother!

Rose raises her son to the age of 5. Her sister is now 17 and her mother continues to battle an addiction. Her mother has been clean for 2 years….

Rose wants her sister to go to college, her mom to stay clean and her son to live a prosperous life. Rose sits and contemplates many things.

Rose enters an empty grocery store. She gets to the register and begins talking to the check out clerk. Making the clerk laugh with her witty jokes and blush with her flawless looks. As Rose walks away saying bye, a man yells out “cut”!

Rose finds out she acted out her first scene, a man tells the director that Rose isn’t the true actress for the scene yet everything went perfectly. The director finds out the original girl was late to set and says, “well miracles come on time”. Rose is offered another job in acting. Rose gets paid 250k just for that one part. The scene becomes viral for months!

Rose opens up an orphanage for children who don’t have families. Rose donates money to scholarships for many students who want to become actors and have high GPA’s.

Rose, you’re an accredited actress, with a multimillion dollar contract for your third film. We don’t see many pictures of you flaunting your wealth and you stay out of the limelight. Please tell us how did you become so successful, I’m sure it was easy for a woman like you.

Rose stands up and says, “It all started with two quotes from my grandmother”….

Close your eyes Rose and embrace all of the hardwork and humble offerings. Rose is now 70 years old watching her son take care of a family and become a successful lawyer. She visits her sister from time to time, she has her own restaurant chain.

Rose. Rose is a product of many different people’s life today. Don’t give up any fight or obstacle you’re going through. With hardwork and determination “miracles are always on time”.

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