Close your eyes and follow me.

Let me take you into my world…

Filled with unruly pleasantries.

Sulking… sulking in silence as your body goes into convulsion.

It’s been too long since you’ve had a mans presence.

Dazed… dazed in a gaze of my inevitable intent.

Plans in motion to caress each crevice of your vessel.

I want to trap you like a flower from Venus and never let go.

I can sense a secretion coming from you…

Sweeter than nectar retrieved from a bee.

Indulge from the weakness that elude from your knees.

I’m that stranger inside the elevator at work.

I’m that gym rat that always helps you stretch..

I’m that lost connection you dreamed to connect with…

Open your eyes and come back to reality.

Those desires, dreams and daydreams are only one move away like a game of chess.

Now submit and show me your best move!

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