The church bells are ringing and the fire has been set.

Walk into the garden, as if you’re in search of a forbidden fruit.

Take my hand and obey my every last word.

Speak the truth and watch as our trust builds a great wall.

One that shall not fall like Jericho.

Go Into the city and tell everyone about me and my name.

Join us and remember our way.

Show me what mercy means and I’ll give you a bountiful.

Beauty… beauty in the lessons we learn on this journey called life.

The tide is coming in and I want you to take my hand.

Remember these words and write them down with a pen.

Let the ink bleed deep Into the paper.

Follow. Follow me…

No cult, yet a culture that will cultivate generations.

Multitudes will follow this pavement.

Pavement placed down from centuries ago.

Longer than the Berlin bridge.

Deeper than the red sea.

Follow. Follow me…

I’ll show you the words you need.

Love, war, passion and bliss.

Follow. Follow me…

The garden is open to whoever wants to come in.

Leave your shoes at the gates and your judgment away with the winds breeze.

Follow. Follow me…

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