Black Bird

Watching over me in the sky.

My eyes wide open, yet they feel closed.

My body keeps slipping away like a clay mold.

Shape up or shape down, my hands aren’t tightly gripped.

Gripped to life, things have a hold on me.

Dead hands strangling me like a heavy burden on your chest when you sleep.

My mind on freeze as I stare in a day dream.

In a realm filled with dark matter.

Hidden abyss, dark euphoric mist fills the air.

Nothing can compare to these evil entities that have embodied me.

Sulphuric acid as if we’re sinking into the bowels of a volcano.

Some times I feel as if I’m going to erupt from a sudden sleep.

Still…. still as a scarecrow.

While these black birds tend to watch above and leave me alone.

Pluck my inner feathers and see my skin bleed underneath.

Underneath these lies, tied to deceitful greed.

Could this truly be me?

A dark entity filled with abysmal deeds?

Thoughts? Thoughts… hopeless.

These emotions I soak in.

A token to a notion that was developed during an early age.

As life begins, another fades. Fades into a deep sleep called death.

Perception is what we must perceive.

Confused, as the bottle is empty.

Lost, trying to find the way.

Not to the light, but better days.

Who can really understand me?

Who can tell me who I am?

Lost in a world filled with guilty sins.

As I lay in the meadows, I contemplate the right path.

As the sky darkens I can see these black feathers.

The wind has taken the left over feathers with one sweep.

The sun comes out and a dove is seen. Seen flying high into the sunset.

As my eyes close, all these random emotions have been erased.

There I stand with a smile on my face.

Irrational, bi polar, erratic entity.

Hi, may I help you in any way?

As the thought of a black bird continues to scratch the surface of my mind and endless thoughts.

A key to freedom is truly what I think I sought.

Yet I continue to serenade myself in this dark puddle.

Seems so visceral….

Black Bird….


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