Rain Water

As I stand at the alter, my ego begins to change.

A maniacal mad man has been changed.

Soft spoken words to a bride to be.

Who would’ve thought someone could change this evil entity.

Entitled to nothing, yet destined for greatness.

What will the crowd of people witness?

A testament for everyone to see.

Not all evil turns out so bad.

As I stand at the alter, the piano begins to play.

Loud screeches are heard as I look down and see chains.

Locked away forever was the verdict, could this be true?

I look up in the sky and see dark clouds begin to pass by…. here comes the rain water.

Rain water has altered a bright sunny day. The white dove’s feathers are turning gray.

The crowd begins to scurry inside.

Rain water when will you ever subside?

Rain water running profusely down my face.

“Rain water, please go away”!

Two men, two women stand among the crowd.

One man shouts, “That’s not rain water, it’s your sweat from nervousness, hurry up and say your vow and get it over with”.

As I abide, the sun comes back out. The crowd is visible once again, as the rain water subsides.

My eyes open and my beautiful bride has taken the rain waters place.

Rain water, you’re no longer for me.


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