We are in a room with a desk and chalkboard.

You stare at me waiting for the right words.

Let me guide you and be your teacher, call me sensei.

Let your guard down and watch as I have my way.

First lesson that needs to be learned is the thirst for exibition.

You’ve exhibited certain traits only built in a fiend.

Nymphoric qualities with a blend of obediency.

Shall I use the ruler or bring a whip for show and tell?

The way I have control of your body seems like I’ve released a spell.

Bonded by figurative rope, literal chokers to invoke her cravings.

Are we playing chess or checkers?

Black and white striped pants got me lifted higher than most piano keys.

Call me master and let me fulfill your needs.

Good deeds don’t go unnoticed, nickname her the teachers pet.

There’s a leak, is it the ceiling, water fountain or between your garments?

Daydreaming about my next move like a game of Tom and Jerry.

Suddenly the bell rings and your professor says you fell asleep.

Oh wow, I’m embarrassed it was just a wet dream.

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