Painted Feathers

Imagine a world where colors didn’t matter.

Where black and white didn’t matter.

I’m hidden in this fantasy of me and you.

Visioning a scene of euphoric intimacy as I hear tunes.

Slow jams of R&B…

Pull up and come ride with me.

There’s a dove in the distance and I can’t see its feathers.

Not because of the rain or a mist in the air.

But because of undiscovered matter.

I want to break free and take off these painted feathers.

Yet what will the world think of me?

Is it time for me to ignore the noise and feed my greed?

Or continue to live a life filled with good deeds?

What’s that smell? Pull down the sheets.

In your eyes I can see waves like an ocean.

Like Usher in “The Matrimony” I have plans in motion.

Let’s take over the world and devise a plan to be on top forever.

Like Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, I want to taste forbidden fruit.

I’m a lion awaiting my enemy. Except my words cut deeper than any sword.

Mentally prepare yourself for the best or worst.

Some days seem dark because of what we all lost in our past.

What doesn’t kill us will build an un-formidable human being.

The future is what we seek but can’t see.

There’s a dove in the air but it’s hard to see.

Like Noah I’m awaiting the signal for a new world.

The one we live in seems unfit for me or my feelings.

I wish I could take off these painted feathers and be free….


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