As I sit here defenseless, I watch as my past, present and future are recollections of me.

I look in the mirror and decide if it’s truly me.

This mirror is supposed to show a reflection.

Yet if a prosecutor was to ask me who is the man in the mirror, I wouldn’t have an answer…

The phone is ringing but no one else is on the other side.

I need a moment to reminisce on what truly is me.

Some say it’s the creation of a sociopath.

Yet the truth is who knows what it could be.

I’m tied to this vessel, yet it doesn’t seem to match my thoughts.

I want to exchange it, how much does that cost?

Truth be told my pockets are empty, can my looks pay the bill?

Continue to judge me, just hope you can flip the switch when you become my executioner.

There’s many people in this world who struggle to find their identity. Whether they’re black, white, homosexual or gender fluid. As they try to find their way through life; scientist, people and the world begin to judge. They struggle and feel suicidal thoughts….

Look to your left and right and just love the person next to you. At the end of the day we are all human beings just trying to live a life filled with peace.

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  1. Sakura says:

    Absolutely loved this one!!

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