Just Do It

For years I grew up battling for my dreams.

Do I have a strong arm?

Is my technique right?

Should I put on my helmet and cleats or should I throw on a cap and pitch?

The media is talking and my dreams may finally come true.

I’m here now and I will lead my team to a superbowl. The non believers no longer have doubts, I’ve finally reached my goals.

What’s with equality?

Why can’t we all be treated fairly?

With one knee my goals and dreams have been tested.

I thought this organization would have my back.

I wanted to use this as a platform to speak up.

Now I can’t even find a job.

I will continue to push and break all of the odds.

With one check sign I’ve defied the odds.

Where one organization has failed to let me speak, another one has risked public scrutiny to let me be me.

A voice to the little boys and girls who don’t have it all. Making them see and believe that they can achieve their dreams…

For decades Nike has geared athletes across the world with tools to succeed. From simple sneakers to a logo to show off to their friends and family.

Yet now they have gone so far to give even more. A gateway to an unheard voice and story. Most big chains would keep their mouth shut, afraid of their bottom line bleeding red. But not Nike, they’ve given little boys and girls the opportunity to turn their TV on and see heroes of color achieve their dreams.

This world is truly about equality and Nike shows no sides or favoritism in color. They’ve reached new heights and have not only opened up Pandora’s box, but has given an fallen athlete an opportunity to continue to use his platform to speak.

I wrote this piece not to promote Nike but to thank wordpress.com. For giving me the opportunity to speak my mind and write about things I love without putting a muzzle on my mouth.

This is an open invitation to all big chain companies…

Just Do It!!!

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