Timid when you hear the footsteps.

Infatuated with the presence of lust in the air.

Open up like a forbidden passion fruit.

Indulge on the juices it has offered up.

This vessel is filled with a climatic sweet taste.

The clock keeps ticking waiting for you to pull the trigger.

Trigger these emotions and enjoy the reaction.

Take em to the bathroom, bed or rooftop.

Like a rocket we take lift off like we’re coming from NASA.

Bow down and obey your master.

Master of the art of the chase.

Where the cat chases the mouse, the mouse chases the cheese.

Savory like a warm fondue, with every taste it gets better.

What are you waiting for, open up Pandora’s box.

The clip is filled, just waiting for you to pull the trigger…

Poetic, euphoric, fantasies to treasure…

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  1. Sensual and clever words!

    Liked by 1 person

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