Inconclusive Patterns

What’s a man to do when he falls?

What’s left when everything seems so wrong?

What’s a man when his vision isn’t clear?

What’s a man when he’s filled with fear?

Fear, fear of a distant tomorrow.

Fear of a world filled with sorrow.

Tomorrow is a day he must not see.

When he opens his eyes he’s in disarray and disbelief.

Believe me when I say the world can change in a blink of an eye.

What’s a man when he can’t put his pride aside. Lost in thought and illusions running through his mind.

Meet me in the back and watch as a new story unfolds. What’s a man in a room but he doesn’t exist?

These emotions are chasing me and I’m trying my all to be elusive. Lost, yet completely found. I reach through my drawer and see all these pens and my heart starts to race.

I thirst for the chase like I’m apart of the amazing race. Hidden behind two faced like a Gemini, waiting for the truth to come out. A truth that only one and two know about.

A rock in a hard place, where I need a truck to help me over this boulder. The countless days spent behind the bumper. The closer things get there’s a connection to the sevin pin trailer hitch.

What’s a man to do when he falls?

Pick up the pieces at all cost.

Suck it up and ignore the noise.

Stay poised and continue to break barriers.

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