These chains have been on me for a very long time.

I look up and see bars on the ceiling beyond that is a dark sky.

I’ve envisioned success, the craving has taken a toll on me.

Swiftly I race for it as if I’m in the fast lane, yet I’m bonded by these chains.

These chains have been on me for a very long time.

The sky is finally bright and I can see my future in the near distance.

The bars begin to rust and transform to dust, Leaving a sour taste in the air but not diminishing me from what I crave.

These chains must go, it’s imperative that I break free.

With one tug I am no longer bonded by them.

These chains can no longer keep me imprisoned. I have a vision and they’re not in it.

My mind is the prison and these words are my escape. I no longer live in good faith but on my own motives.

I no longer crave but indulge in my hungers. I’m that monster your parents talk about as bed time stories.

I’m infatuated by the glory to always be your worst nightmare yet your greatest story to tell.

I’m compelled by what my legion has and will become. To set my mind free and spread words of wisdom. Inspire, enlighten and envision. Whether I reach from the past, future or present. I shall present to you a gift of lyrical genius. A story to be told in my point of view.

Every great King has a begin and ending…

I guess what I’m trying to say is… what is freedom?

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