Big blue deep deception, a world filled with beautiful discretion. My first reaction is to imagine a world where I can put one plus one and make two. Except each time I try to do the math, I keep calculating the number zero. My mind is loss and I need to find a hero. These long days go by and I can’t seem to find the right companion. He see’s me but can’t complete me. Complete me in which I mean understand me. Hand me a flower, I can’t help to smile except inside I truly feel down. Down in despair because the interaction just isn’t there. Nothing can compare to my past reflections, each and every one of them can’t equate to the one and only. These days I feel so lonely. I can hear a wolf at night howling into the deep abyss. I can’t seem to help but reminisce. Reminisce about a past where everything felt complete but nowadays nothing seems to make me complete. This big blue world and nothing can truly make me feel deep, deep inside my emotions. I guess I’ll carry this blue cloud over my head for awhile. Jupiter….

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