Keep Up

Let me tell you a story of a man and a woman

They both challenged one another which led to a path of success.

Each gave their best and were tested mentally and physically.

One day they came to an understanding that they couldn’t live without one another.

Hearts raced and love was made out of competition.

I forgot to mention the two were best friends.

One day everything they had came to an end.

Jealousy and anger controlled their paths.

One long road turned into a dead end.

One day both the man and woman split.

The next couple of weeks came and went by fast.

Each were destined to prove their self worth.

Motivated and fueled by anger and egotistical self worth, led them both to a mall outlet.

Both man and woman were determined to find a new mate.

They enter from different entrances and an old couple crosses paths with the man.

He stops in awe and asked them both what made them last. One word was told… communication.

A smile on his face, he keeps moving…

Same old couple have made their way across the mall.

The woman stops and see them caring for one another up a small stairway. She hears the old man say, “What a team we make”. The woman smiles and keeps moving forward…

The man and woman cross paths once more in the middle of the mall. Each stop in an instant once eyes connect. Without anger and pride they both reconnect.

Connect to a moment shared equally, visually. Yet they both felt it in a different time frame. Their thought internally was to competitively learn how to keep loving one another and to never let go….

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