There I stood in a puddle full of blood, wondering and hoping it was truly mud. My feet feel sticky and my heart feels empty. How could this tragic thing happen?

I feel lost and the odor is beginning to get to me. My entire face is in shock because of this terrible tragedy. The streets are filled with aired balloons and here I stand looking like a baboon. This feeling inside me keeps racing like a silly cartoon. It’s time for me to step out of the puddle as I look down my whole world becomes subtle. My heart is in my hand with broken pieces on the ground. There’s no more blood but a figurative mirage of countless times you broke my heart. What is love, a split image of unity or a tragic story with a terrible ending. Some people find a match made in heaven, while others find a match with a substance that brings them close to heaven. High up on cloud 9 because my emotions have taken a toll on my actions, while constant distractions try to entertain me. I need time and space to think. Think about this void in my heart like an asteroid obliterated my entire being.

Being a product of an everyday fight, for a distant stranger who claims to be my lover, yet I feel like they’re a taker. Is this truly something made from my creator? How can they be so cruel, to use my emotions like a subtle tool.

Gosh I’m such a fool for thinking I had a picture perfect story book ending. I close my eyes and a voice near calls out to me. Hello stranger would you like to get to know me? The pieces of my heart begin to pick themselves up. I feel like someone just opened my life story up like a book. We are back at the first pages, will this stranger love me or will this be another repeat sad love song on my playlist?

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