Back and forth like we know what it takes to complete this puzzle. Sometimes I wish you were wearing a muzzle or braces so tight to keep your mouth shut. That’s not love, seems more like rage. Keep these emotions locked away in a cage because I love being fake. That’s not the type of response you’ll get from me because I’m free. I do as I please and reap the repercussions. Marching to the beat of my own drum or blowing my own horn hard like I’m playing the percussion. I don’t want to be just a tool or instrument. I’m direct and need to lead the way to every emotion. There’s this notion that I’m random and crazy but lately I’ve gotten better feedback. I don’t lack empathy but lack the need to feel empty in order to obtain empathy. I hear a soft symphony playing slowly in the background. It’s time I close my eyes and sit back and relax. All this talk means nothing if the words aren’t being heard. Communication is a one way receptive relic In this new coming generation. Show me what true talk is all about, and I shall show you the perfect relationship where the ship has not yet sunk and Jack doesn’t have to die away. Share and both parties can sail away happily. As I lay I have nothing more to say. I open my eyes and see that my back is covered with sand from the beach. As the waves move back and forward from the tide. My inception is to hope I can redefine time yet that’s the only thing we can’t change…. use it wisely and never spend it counting on lessons you can’t take back. That’s like trying to find loose change when you owe thousands in a short time frame.

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