My mind is lost in this voluptuous world. Those lips, those hips and those eyes keep me hypnotized. I want to cross the world just to keep your love. The scent from you is like a sweet fragrance only a bee can find. I want to taste your nectar and open up parts of your body that no one has ever explored. First the brain, let me dissect it like I’m playing operation. Keep moving forward redefining the true definition of creation. You’ve created these emotions I can never let go. I want to cross boundaries where the path in front of me is unseen. The thought of passionate moments of ecstasy is so enticing. Force me to draw the line in the sand and never touch. Tease me and fulfill my everlasting lust. This game of cat and mouse is thrilling because of the chase. Maybe that’s why I’ve never crossed the boundaries because I crave the unknown yet love the game. Whether it’s north or south, east and west. This boundary will continue to separate us. Rest assured my mind body and soul won’t rest until I can taste, touch and feel the best.


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