When I think of music, I envision a world where I’m free. Free of the thought of judgment in a world where it seems like a social fad that will never end.

I hope one day everyone will see that we are all equal. We all come together to the beat of one drum. I believe music has an ability to open dimensions in my mind that I never knew I had.

It brings out the artistical suave Einstein I potentially would’ve never unlocked without an important persons impact on my life. Every day we learn something new about ourselves and our abilities. Find a tool that you believe you wield with ease and make it powerful so that no other person can wield it the same as you. I’ve found my tool, and I’ve used it to the best of my disposal. I will wield it and make it stronger each day. Those of you who follow please help me lead the way. Tell me what bothers you or is always on your mind. I’ll help you express the things that can’t be expressed. I hope all that read my blogs like my material. I’m a passionate person that thinks vigorously in the darkest of nights.


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