How did we come to this?

A crossroad between me and you.

Where love and friendships don’t matter.

I want to serve you these words on a silver platter.

Feed my soul with something worth craving.

I want to cherish what we have more than the children’s name written on fresh concrete.

Pave a way for our future and draw a line in the sand.

Make my entire world spin.

Show me what the true meaning of fantasy means.

Keep me hypnotized on the thought of internal and external intimacy.

Just the thought of you run chills down my spine, like an ice cube in my t-shirt on a hot summer day.

Love me forever and I’ll give you the keys to my heart and show you the way.

I’m complicated like a jigsaw puzzle yet every piece counts.

Do the math right and you’ll see the correct equation.

This world is filled with many destinations but I want our roads to never split during this trip called life.

When I look into your eyes and see your soft lips, I know that everything I go through was worth finding you.

As I stand and ponder about life, I come up with this mental plight where I’m day dreaming…. dreaming about a perfect woman, wait…. I’m fantasizing about you?

My heart, my home, my dream… Through all the good and bad I can truly say that you’re the reason I can dream. Dream of a day where nothing truly matters, only the love we share and our offspring. We created the best team better than the term fantasy team.

Now that’s a true fantasy….

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