The money keeps coming in with a bright smile but my demons keep me down. They say we have it all, they say we have it made. They dont see the bottles I have as souvenors for my pain. The prescription pills that have me feeling like a zombie. All of these decisions I have made make me feel numb to the world. They think that all my problems are solved because I am rich. They dont see the pain I suffer from being an addict. They think my world is perfect so they expect the same from me. Until they see the dustruction from their social media and tvs. As I deal with it in a mirror they past judgment down on me, like a gambler dealing cards, I have busted pass 21. Its time for me to overdose and start a new life.

My life can’t end just now, I have more to live for. This cloud that drifts by from time to time has to die down. My spirit wont fail, I cant be judged by clowns. Adults and children or even adults who act like children and children who try to make adult decisions. I will not let them decide the fate of me. I will pick up the pieces to my broken puzzle and fix them before they are put up in a full attic filled with other relecs passed their time. My hourglass hasn’t dropped its last grain of sand. I guess the perks of famous truly aren’t the best, they seem more like a curse.

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