What happened to justice, what happened to our rights? What happened to the country that found irregularities and fought for civil rights. Whether we bleed RED, white or blue we must make a stand. This goes for the brothers and sisters of a nation. We all stand together and want equal rights and patience. Racism may exist, bigotry may even be our social alma mater, yet what happens when there’s a world disaster? We unite because colors don’t matter. Our nation is a melting pot and these words I serve to you on a gold platter. Food for thought, when you want to kneel for our anthem. Use your platform when the lights and cameras don’t matter. Stand together and stop trying to oppress. A broken justice system because communication doesn’t exist. We are taught as adolescents and teens the history of cruelty. Let’s keep those subjects small and teach more about civil unity. Create a community that will cultivate many generations of positive unity. Then we can truly declare our independence. Stop fighting over a subject that both parties can be ignorant. Fight with words not hate. When did an educated debate have to become something violent? Our actions are poor compared to past generations. Where marches and picket signs moved mountains. Not bullets, guns or violent threats of ignorance. We are teaching younger generations that our flag doesn’t need respect. Our legacy, our power our love and unity bleed in wind. Those brothers, those sisters souls scream in the wind; in disgrace of what we do to show our distaste of our country. Put a true stand to what you believe In and do the extra work. Don’t wait until the lights are on to show your worth!

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