Throttle and Exhaust

Just because our future wasn’t destined by our premeditated thoughts doesn’t mean a roadblock has to diminish our future ambitions and desires. Feel wired to a nervous system where all your feelings matter. Never let an individual or thing come between you and your internal being. Shape a future where quitting or can’t isn’t a word in any human vocabulary existence. I want to take a stint to be frugal on something that’s putting you down. The only weight that should ever matter is the crown above your head. We are all the children of a mighty king. Close your eyes and picture who you want to be without anyone’s perspective. Open them back up with a mighty thirst and defiance. Defy all odds, break barriers while you chase it. Remember we were created in his image, so we shall never be defeated. This is a message to everyone who feels like their tank is on empty or there is nothing else left to do. Continue to defy odds so you can be the only person to tell a true story of the impossible.

-NeseKnows 1:2

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