Inspiration is a tool that has been wielded inside of you. One that can be utilized to bring the best out of you. The drive that can be higher and get you further than any trip. Map this, a quest to the greatest of achievements. A movement, where everything can be talked about. One where no single human being will feel useless. This world we live has a past, present and future. One where things may seem dim, but if we come together and bring the darl to the light, we can bring unity back to life. Stop with the multitude of plights; break down mountains with a himble heart and soul. It is we that mold the future today. We who create a path for younger generations to thrive on. Our status quo has to change if we want our future to have the right blueprint. What is a man or woman with the wrong schematics. An arcitech by nature but one who has the wrong tools to fulfill his or hers job. I feel like as if they are being robbed. This world has seen more violence than it has seen peace. The magnitude of these words should make any moral human being fall to their knees..

Think back on a time where harm or destructiom didnt matter…. whether you are a father, mother, sister, brother, cousin, aunt or uncle this should matter. What matters is that we open our eyes and hearts before this entire race is loss. What will be the cost to see a worldwide silence because of peace? No genocide, homicide or natural disaster should bring us together. Love, trust and dilegence should ve the equilibrium we all seek. Yet we hide in a shell filled with what we think are social norms yet they are truly defined as social acceptance. This is a calling card to show precedence of the matters at hand. Brothers and sisters its time for us to all stand. Stand together as one and search for an answer for peace. Or accept defeat and wait while our maker comes to judge us each….

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