This is a testament, about a young man that was restless sitting on an air bed mattress without no room to make it. One room filled with tons of responsibilities, bigger than an elephant trapped in a room with a mouse. Chaotic… yet blissful because the two share a room of solitude without any food. They become buddies because neither one can go without another. They become sisters/brothers just trying to survive and eat. They indulge on the thought of finally being fed, but suddenly their dreams become a monstrous entity because the rent is due and they have bills piled up to their knees. Knee deep like a blizzard, addicted to the thought of of being served, like a crack head blowing snow. Not served food but papers because the eviction is near which gives them fear; not of each other but the thought of sleeping outside in the cold again. Those suicidal thoughts begin to creep in, but the good in them finally strikes a match. A thought to bring riches to a dream, a thought to express every day middle classmans reality. These words are spilled on a plate for your imagination. With one great idea, rent and food turns a thought into creation. Food for thought for whoever shares the struggle, be strong and come prepared for any battle. Its not over until your mind stops and heart fails. The worse place to go is at the bottom, but up is the only way you can go. Clear those tears and keep fightning for your reality, because the moment you want to quit just might be the moment where your dreams become a reality… and those are spoken words from a FaceLess Entity.

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