I’ve studied the atmosphere and found a very euphoric taste. Eurika!!! A Eutopia where my eyes have been finally opened. I bring to you my path in life. To provide insight to the blind, to express what we all feel at no cost. To help people in need of motivation or that may seem lost. Take my hand and let’s build something great, something for the next generations to come and thank. Think of a time where you’ve felt defeated or bilittled… I will provide you the words or wisdom to make that moment feel futile yet subtle. My biggest goal is to mold a fraction where we all can enjoy a curious language. The language of fear… fear of being exposed as weak. Forget about the politics and social norms. Read these words and feel truth warmth. I’m giving you material that you can take and mold into your own motivation. I am creating a vivacious novelty. My words bleed deep; deeper than any wound. Yet soothe the soul like a mother’s long awaited touch. What’s the point of life without everlasting love


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