I had this vision where I saw us all together. We were side by side where black and white didn’t matter. No upside down, neither right side up. We stood as statues looking up above. A bright light shined down, colors like a supernova. The mood in the air felt foreign as Nova Scotia. Something so close yet very far apart. Nothing matters unless we all have an open heart. This is an olive branch I am reaching out to all kinds. My mind is set and these chains won’t bind me down anymore. My heart is full and my faith is restored. We can make a difference, we can leave our on print on this world. We can show the world that equality is just a word but the true definition is faceless and nameless. It comes from something deeper that we can only feel inside of us. We must trust that it’ll spread faster than a bubonic plague. Because when I turn to my left and turn to my right, I’m clueless to think who is on my side? When all worlds come crashing down, would true color matter? Who would it be??? a well known phrase “strength in numbers”. We stand strong together but only in the faint moments of danger. Whether it’s a Natural disaster or alien invasion. I need to find a moment in time to truly be persuasive. Our existence as mankind matters and we need to show a stronger togetherness. Before our world is left in destruction with a dark feeling of emptiness.

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