Build A Bully

What makes our clock tick? This is a story of a society where the world moves at a steadily pace but no one seems to pause and realize the true essence of beauty, or the underlining chaos of “read between the lines” destruction.

Day to day we hear about social norms, hazing and bullying. We watch as adolescents fight physical and mental battles across the world. Social media has grown as the social norm, where most people can’t live without their cellphones. Videos of police brutality, classroom fights and peer pressure gets millions of views. Whether this material is shown on Instagram, facebook or twitter; what exactly have we missed? Countless acts of bullying has been addressed by magnitudes of groups but the underlining fact is… what is a bully? Last time I checked, it’s someone who takes negative action towards another individual or group causing pain or suffering mentally and or physically. Most people will stand up for the quote on quote “nerd or fat kid”. Yet who has given public figures, actors and athletes a voice? Bullying has gone to a point in existence where people begin fighting against it, yet when a celebrity is harassed about their relationships, eating habits, beliefs, cultures and appearance these things are overlooked. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to qualify this as bullying, yet who has stood up and made a stand for their rights. This is an open invitation to free your minds and open your hearts. Can you “read between the lines”?

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