Trigger Me: Volume 3

“Adam… I don’t think it’s a good idea that we talk”, says Unice. He asks why in confusion as the conversation on the phone becomes tense. She tells Adam about his mishap at the arcade the other day and how he stepped over a boundary set up for years. Adam apologizes over the phone and […]

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28 Day Keto Diet Challenge

First and foremost, what is Keto? “Keto also known as Ketogenic, is a low-carb diet which focuses more on protein and fats than carbs.” Most people struggle to find the right diet, or don’t even know where to start. I’ve found this diet to be very helpful for people who enjoy to eat but are […]

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Don’t touch me I am dirty although my skin is flawless. My heart and mind are filled with grudgulent dirty deeds. I told them to stop but they kept pushing for more. Now I am torn by the fact if I am dirty or clean. They made me feel like a toy and certainly not […]

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Trigger Me Vol.2

Unice… wake up Unice you’re going to be late for work! I frantically wake up and rush toward my bathroom to get ready for work. My mother is always on me making sure that I’m the perfectionist she wants me to be. She yelled for me to wake up and little does she know I […]

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Take me down stream. Deep into the subtle waves. Take me down stream. Where the forest meets. Take me down stream. As the water moves back and forth. The bears chow down on fish The birds chow down on bugs The water connects everything like a mothers love. Take me down stream towards the waterfall. […]

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